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Buying headphones for your kids sounds like a good idea — you won’t have to listen to Baby Shark for the umpteenth time. But there’s a more important reason.

Your child’s ears are super sensitive when they are still developing. It’s possible to damage them with sounds of over 85 decibels. Using adult headphones isn’t the best idea. Not unless you can convince them to lower the volume. Which is pretty unlikely — they’ll have it cranked back up the second you leave the room.

Instead, you’re better off purchasing a pair of headphones designed specifically for children. Kids’ headphones will fit better on little heads and usually have a volume limiter to keep the decibels down.

Should you buy wired or wireless headphones for your kid?

It depends on how much you want to spend, and whether you can recharge headphones on a regular basis. Many of the wireless headphones listed in this roundup have decent battery life, but they are typically more expensive than wired versions.

However, if your child is particularly young, wired headphones can be a risk, so always supervise them while they’re using their headphones.

What’s the maximum recommended noise level for children?

Generally, many auditory health organisations recommend that the ideal noise level for a child is about 70 decibels, and that volumes should never exceed 85 decibels. Most adult headphones peak at about 115 decibels, which is why it’s important to use a dedicated solution for your child.

The limit is a limit too, not a guide, so always aim to play music a little quieter if you can.

Can a child use earphones?

In-ear buds are great for adults, but they’re not recommended for children. Developing ears are more sensitive to noise damage because their nerve fibres are still growing. Also, due to having smaller external auditory canals, the eardrum is always closer to the sound source. Their little ears are just too delicate to put at risk.

Is there a limit of headphone use for kids?

Similarly to limiting screen time, it’s sensible to restrict your child’s use of headphones to a maximum of two hours a day. Any longer than that can damage your child’s ears, even if they’re using a volume limiter.

What are the best headphones for kids?

This is a difficult question to answer because there are so many options out there, but we’ve tried to give you a clear picture of the best headphones for your kids. We recommend checking out everything on this list, because there really is something for everyone and every budget right here.

These are the best headphones for kids in 2022.

Source: Mashable